Clinical Pilates

clinical pilates

Physiotherapists are highly trained in the assessment and management of musculoskeletal conditions and are able to develop a Pilates exercise program as part of rehabilitation from injury or prevention of injury. Clinical Pilates programs are individually designed after a full musculoskeletal assessment has taken place with the physiotherapist. At Physiocare these exercises can be performed on a Pilates reformer whereby exercises are performed in a comfortable and controlled environment with the
use of resistance springs. Clinical Pilates is suitable for most musculoskeletal conditions, pregnancy and post-partum, pre- and post-op, general health and fitness, neurological, ageing and balance

There are many benefits of Clinical Pilates, some of these include:

  • Improved deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscle tone and activation
  • Prevention and reduction of low back and neck pain
  • Overall body toning and strengthening
  • Improved posture and core stability
  • Improved flexibility and balance
  • Exercise can help to reduce stress
  • Improves sporting performance
  • Safe form of exercise during and after pregnancy
  • Improves bone density (reduces the risk of osteoporosis)