Benefits of Regular Exercise

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There are numerous Benefits of Regular Exercise for both physical and mental health. Maximizing Your Potential to gain the Benefits of Regular Exercise includes weight management, cardiovascular health, muscle strength & stability, bone strength, improved mood, energy and helping with disease prevention.

What is an Exercise Physiologist (EP)

An exercise physiologist (EP) is a healthcare professional, who has undergone 4 years at […]

Getting Back on Your Feet: How Physiotherapy Helps Ankle Sprain Rehabilitation

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What is it?

Ankle sprains are a common musculoskeletal injury that can occur for both athletic and non-athletic populations. The injury typically involves a sudden twist or ‘rolling’ of the ankle which can cause damage to the ligaments of the ankle, but may also affect other bony or soft tissue structures.

How does it present?

When suffering an ankle sprain, you may notice […]

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